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scarletwilde's Journal
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Thursday, March 30th, 2006
3:39 pm
I like to go to the playground. I can't quite pronounce 'l', 'r' or 'd' yet, though, so it comes out as "PAYGOWN!"

And I make the mommy and the daddy take me every single day. Except when I make them watch NEMO with me.

There are lots of fun things to do there. We chase the doggie, and we climb on things, and we spin around and we throw wood chips everywhere. When there are other kids, sometimes we play, but mostly we run away and scream. It's fun.
Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
10:48 am
Life in general
I'm learning some new words. The mommy and the daddy still have a hard time understanding me most of the time. I think it's probably their fault, though, since I try so hard to pronounce everything correctly. *sigh* This human interaction thing is tough.

We moved to a new house. It's fun, because I don't have to go out to the barn in order to climb up and down stairs now. I can do it in the comfort of my own home!

The yard isn't as big, and there are no huckleberries to munch on, but there are a lot more kids around, and we don't have to walk down a busy street to get to a park. We just cross the road, and there we are!

It's cold outside, so we don't spend as much time in the big blue room as we would normally. There has been a lot of "watch!"ing going on. Daddy has given up his silver computer for me to "watch!" nemo on. nemo. Nemo. NEMO NEMO NEMO NEMO!

Sorry, I don't know what got into me.
Tuesday, September 20th, 2005
9:11 am
Yesterday daddy and I went outside and picked berries and ate them. They were yummy and I ate them all day long until mommy told daddy she thought I had too many of them.

Then he tried to get mommy to try them. She made a terrible face I have never seen before when she had one. She said they were too tart. cjcollier laughed for a long time. Then I thought perhaps it is fun to make the mommy eat stuff she doesn't like so she makes a face. I have been trying ever since to get her to make a face like that!

Later on, I had a big smelly diaper and mommy told me that it was full of berries. I tried to eat them but mommy wouldn't let me. Both mommy and daddy seemed horrified.

I just laughed.

Current Mood: awake!
Monday, September 19th, 2005
7:44 pm
The happs
Okay so now I am getting to the point where I can say a few things to mommy and daddy and they actually *get it*. Most of the time, I tell them something and they just look at me and scratch their head like they have no idea what I am trying to say.

I am beginning to think maybe they aren't really... um... all there. Perhaps they got dropped on their heads when they were my age. It took them the longest time to figure out I was telling them I wanted to picked up...

I am like half way through a paragraph before I realize they have no idea what I am saying! They look at each other and say how cute it is that I am talking nonsense.

Talk about annoying! I just tried to explain to them that I really want to spend more time watching movies and less time getting my diaper changed (why do they insist on doing that all the time anyway?)... and I am making a pretty good argument and they have no idea what I am talking about!!! Frustrating.

Anyway, daddy was gone for a really long long time. I almost forgot all together what he even looked like he was gone for so long! I started getting nervous that cjcollier was never coming back and then I thought to myself what if hannahadams decided to go away too?? I got really worried about this and so I decided not to let mommy out of my sight. I told her (even though she had no idea what I was talking about) that I was going to be nice and snuggle with her more and hug on her if she promised not to take off like the daddy.

Then, whenever she left the room, I made sure to yell really loud so she came back.

She seemed to really like the extra snuggling and it worked. She didn't go away. Also, it worked so well that the daddy came home. I guess I should keep doing it!

Current Mood: nappy
Monday, August 22nd, 2005
8:49 pm
hannahadams read me books tonight... and I liked saying moon moon over and over again. I made her read me 3 books and I only half listened because I felt like being grumpy.

And then I cried and mommy made me two bottles.

I got kind of nervous for a while because she like *disappeared* and wasn't around to put me down for beddy bye like she usually does. And then she wasn't around for breakfast either. And then she wasn't around for lunch, dinner or beddy bye again. AND, then she wasn't around the next time either!.

But then I was also sort of having funny with daddy and we do so much stuff I hardly noticed that mommy was missing. We went to this fun place out in the sun and we played with doggies (I love doggies!) and we danced and ate lots of food. Then, mommy showed up for a little while but then she went away again!

What is up with that?

But she is back now and she told me she is going to stay put. I suppose I can stop wondering. And plus I really like hanging out with daddy because he lets me get into more stuff than mommy.

But the mommy cut her hair and it looks really awful. I tried to tell her but she still doesn't understand everything I say. Oh well. It will grow out I suppose.
1:33 pm
My financial advisor suggested I check out M-Velopes
9:48 am
Daddy weekend
Daddy and I have been spending time together this weekend. Mommy went to the city to have some play dates. The kitties have been playing with me, too. It’s been sunny, and Daddy has been reading me books.

We went to Seattle to a park on the waterfront on Daddy’s birthday. I tried to get into the water, but Daddy prevented me. I screamed and cried and had a fit, but daddy wouldn’t let me play on the big rocks. I got the last laugh, though. While we were playing in the sand on the beach, I saw that a ferry was floating past, and a big, big wave crashed over the driftwood! I got wet and giggled a lot.
8:46 am
‪book! book!
Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
11:54 am
hannahadamsand cjcollier finally figured out that I don't like hanging out at home all the time! Now I go to "school". They started taking me to this place with lots of other kids and they drop me off and let me do what I want! I like it.

I get to use a spoon and drink from a cup and climb stairs and make stuff and draw and lots of new things I can't even tell you there are so many new things to do.

Funny part is that they are all weepy and silly and they hug me a lot when they drop me off. I just wanted them to let me go! I wanted to go play! They make me look bad in front of my homies when they get all clingy. Yuck. I pushed mommy away from me this morning and she was all sad and waved good bye but I was sort of busy so I just ignored her.

I have to teach her to be more independent! What is she going to do when I move out of the house? She needs to get a life! I don't mean to be mean or anything but she is just way in my space. I love her lots and when I fall down it is nice to have her around so I can get some milk (don't tell me new friends) but mostly I just want to climb stuff.

Anyway, I hope I get to stay at school every day. Damn it. I wish I could talk so I could tell them. They seem to think I would be upset about having them gone for a few hours? Finally I get a little elbow space! Phew.

Current Mood: relieved
Sunday, May 15th, 2005
12:55 pm
Yesterday, we went on the boat again and ended up at a house! there was a tall funny man there with hair on his face like daddy has. He showed us pictures.

Mommy has been getting on my nerves recently. She has been keeping me from doing stuff I want to do. When I climb on top of things, she takes me down. When I want to put shiny things I find in my mouth, she stops me. When I want to go out the door and down the stairs and out into the street, she runs after me and makes me stay in the room!

This has been really annoying me. And when we were at the house, it was more of the same! I kept trying to put stuff in my mouth or rip up the paper I found and she wouldn't let me. I found out though that if I scream and shout and struggle and make a red faced fit, it makes mommy and daddy uncomfortable. So, to punish them, I am going to do that from now on.

too bad it doesn't stop them from doing it. my buddy Noah H. told me that sometimes it stops his mommy from making him do something he doesn't want to do. I am going to keep trying and see what happens.

Meanwhile, the tall funny man showed up at the next place that we went. Mommy and daddy call him Uncle Brian and he followed me around. I wasn't sure what to think of that but it wasn't like he tried to prevent me like mommy does. He would just jump in front of me right before I was going to go down some stairs. But, he wouldn't stop me from going.

And he tried to show me stuff and he was fun. I liked him but I don't know him that well so I refused to let him know I liked him too much.

I kept looking back to see if mommy and Uncle Aaron and daddy and Auntie Dorian were watching but they were talking about other stuff. They were not watching me!

Then, there was another person there. She was about my size and she wouldn't let me try on her shoes. I kept finding them and putting them on but she got mad and took them away and said mine mine mine over and over. maybe I should start doing that.
Sunday, May 8th, 2005
12:06 pm
fun in the bathroom
This morning I woke up when the room was still sort of dark, dim and I started trying to get cjcollier and hannahadams 's attention. They were pale and they didn't move so I started making a lot of noise and jumping up and down and then finally daddy began to move a little bit.

Boy are they lazy! Especially mommy because daddy got up but she just lay there snoring! In fact, she asked daddy to get her some water and a cup of coffee. She sure takes him for granted! I was going to have a talk with her about it but I don't really know how to talk yet so it is hard to make myself understood.

So, daddy got up and took me in the other room. He put me in the chair and fed me some fruit and stuff. I was hungry. I ate a lot. I threw a bunch of food on the floor, though because it is fun. Daddy frowned, though. He took out the broom and swept it up.

Then he took me into the living-room and I started to play with my blocks. I was playing with them for a while before I noticed that daddy was lying down on the couch looking at me. I went back to playing... and next time I looked daddy's eyes were closed and he was snoring just like mommy does.

I went over to him but he didn't wake up so I slipped through the bars of the living room gate and ran down the hall! Nobody was there to prevent me! I get prevented a lot these days (especially by mommy) and I don't like it one bit.

I went into the kitchen and I put my hands in the cat water bowl and I decided to turn it upside down because I could and I always wanted to! It got all over the floor and my pants. Then I decided it was time to eat the cat food because I always wanted to. Yuck. Then, I noticed that the door to the bathroom was open and I went in. I saw the big thing in that room that mommy and daddy and the uncles sit on when they go in there. It has water in it. I went up to it and I put my hands in the water and started drinking it out of my hand.

It tasted funny. Daddy saw me and screamed.. He said that mommy was going to kill him. This scared me and I started crying. Why would mommy kill daddy? I don't know what it means but it didn't sound good...

Daddy took me into the other bathroom and turned on the hot water in the big big thing that we sit in called a bath.. He took off all my clothes and looked sort of like he did not want to touch them. He places me in the water first and then took off his clothes and got in.

He kept taking about how he was a bad daddy and mommy was going to be mad. I did not understand at all. He seems like a perfectly great daddy to me. I like him. I wanted to explain to him that I was not at all disappointed with him but I can't talk so I didn't get very far.

Then he made me mad! he poured water all me even though I hates that! And he cleaned my nose even though I hates that too! He scrubbed me with soap and stuff and I don't think I have ever been scrubbed as much as he scrubbed me. And he didn't ask me first or anything.

Then mommy came in and got in the tub with us. I wanted to get out and go back to playing in the big toilet but they wouldn't let me.

Around this time I started to get very grumpy. I was rubbing my eyes and I was annoyed that I was being Prevented again. Mommy sat down with me and made everything all right by giving me what I usually always want. Then daddy came back with a bottle and I think I might have fallen asleep about that time.

Maybe when I wake up later I will go play in the toilet again. Mommy is going to put a lock on it she says. humph!

Current Mood: asleep
Sunday, April 24th, 2005
3:28 pm
What are these people trying to do to me?

First of all, everything was going just fine. Then, suddenly Ellie was gone! I don't know where she went. She just wasn't there anymore! I flipped (this was a while ago). I was pretty discouraged. I thought she was going to read me Green Eggs and Ham again . I think I was on the brink of understanding it. I thought we had plans! I had a schedule nap and breakfast and lunch and where did she go?

Mommy was around a lot during this time. Finally she wasn't going into the other room anymore. She stayed with me and played but as soon as you get one thing working, the other things fall apart.

So, after a while, I realized that the Ellie wasn't going to show up. This made me angry and sad. I broke a bunch of crayons and cried and carried on and finally I was beginning to feel a little better. Plus, mommy hannahadams was being extra affectionate and hugging me a lot and taking me for walks and places where I could run around and say hi to people. So, I was alright. I was grumpy but it was okay.

Then suddenly, she and daddy cjcollier got all the boxes out and started packing up all my toys and all the stuff and they put it in this big truck and it was taken away! Then, they packed me in the car and took me away too. They took me to a big boat and we all got on inside of the car and the boat took us away to another place and we drove.

Then (and this is the scary part) we never went back home! Turns out, we are staying for good at this new place. I found this annoying. Didn't we just do the same thing a few months ago? What is the matter with these people? Don't they know I was just getting use to the old place?

And what about my friends? What about Noah K. and Poppy and Charlotte? What about all the people I hang with? My homies.

But, it is true that the new place has the Uncles and I like that. The uncles like me and they bounce me up and down a lot and play with me. Mommy and daddy can't bounce me anymore. Daddy winces when he picks me up. But Uncle Vaughn likes to wave me around and throw me up in the air and run around.

This makes me happy and it almost makes up for everything. I am still a little grumpy but I feel better when I see Uncle Chris and he makes me laugh. He hits himself with this big thing and says "oh no!" but he keeps doing it.

And they have this really really big doggie they call Horse. I like the doggie but he eats my carrots and that made me mad today. Mommy gave him my carrot and he ate it.

And they have a kitty that is orange. I think this is odd. I thought kitties were suppose to be black and white. This new kitty is grumpy and bit me and scratched me and I cried. Now I am more careful with kitties.

And the orange kitty bites our kitties. I think this is fun and I laugh but mommy looks serious and tries to get the kitty to leave.

And then we went back on the boat and we drove back to town. We saw lots and lots of people and I was really happy! We went to some of the parks that mommy and I use to go to. And went to see daddy at work. I ran around and I played with my friends at the coffee house. I saw Charlotte and I saw Poppy and I saw Noah!

And I was really surprised because I saw Ellie! She came back and she held me and played with me and kissed me and I was so happy to see her I couldn't stop smiling! I smiled for a long long time even after she left again. She told me she would see me again sometime soon and I felt much much better.

So, this is where it is at. I am just wondering what other surprises the folks have in store for me next. Perhaps they might give me a break this time and stay put.. But I heard something about a big ride in the air to a place even more far away. I will see if this is true. I am going to get really really mad if it is.
Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
12:03 pm
Mommy and Daddy put a tree in the house!
Mommy did the strangest thing. She put a tree in the house. She also put all these lights on it and she told me that the tree was a make believe tree and that people put trees in their houses during winter because... well, I didn't quite understand. I guess some folks have trees in their house and some folks light candles and other do other stuff but I didn't quite catch what she was saying.

We went on a boat and then over to Grandpa Mike and Grandma Debbie's house. They got me lots and lots of new toys and stuff. They wrapped them up in wall paper first and I had to tear if off to get to the toys! It was lots of fun.

Then, we went to Great grandma Tutu's house and I got even more toys and cloths and stuff! I sort of wondered about what I did to deserve all of it but everyone seemed so happy with me.

Did they just decide to throw this big party for me? I began to get a big head. People were taking pictures of me and talking to me and about me and watching me. I kinda liked it! I must be really great to have so many people give me all these toys and stuff. I can't even play with all of them.

I was a bit overwhelmed by it all and I started getting annoyed and I started crying and mommy brought me up stairs to this room and changed my diaper and fed me and I ended up falling asleep even though I wanted to stay awake and find out what was happening downstairs!

Then I woke up and we went down stairs and I tried to eat some candy but they took it away and there was lots of stuff all over the place I wanted to play with and I had all these new toys and there were all these people who wanted to hug and kiss me. I was still overwhelmed but I wasn't going to end up going up stairs and missing everything again! So, I didn't get annoyed.

Then, we went over to Grandma Candis and Grandpa Jack's house cept they weren't there! And we hung out and mommy fed me and I played with a really big orange kitty that got mad at me.

Then I fell asleep and the next day we went to Great Grandma Peggy's house. I got even more stuff from them in big boxes and I got more hugs and kisses and I got scared because some really really big and tall man (bigger even than daddy) was holding me in his lap and I was crying but he really wanted to hold me so he did and finally mommy reached out and took me on her lap and I felt better. He seemed nice and all but with big tall people, you never know! He could have turned out to be a big monster who eats boos.

Then we went back on a boat and came home. Then some big boxes came and I got even more toys! Now the place is just filled up with my toys and mommy and daddy have a hard time getting around but they told me I can have more toys if I want. And I do.

Then, as if that wasn't enough excitement for a while, a few days later they took me out late at night when I usually go to sleep and we walked over to Auntie Leah's house and Uncle Billy's. There were two other babies there except these ones could talk and walk and they looked exactly like each other and they wore the same pants and shirts. I was kinda confused but they ran around and I ran after them and they I started to get grumpy and daddy fed me a bunch of strange food and we went home. I don't remember what happened because I think I fell asleep on the way home. Not sure.

THEN, a few days later another baby started coming over to our house and he is here all the same time that Ellie is here. We like to play together except sometimes Ellie plays with him and it makes me mad. Then mommy plays with him and I get even more grumpy. He likes my toys. That is fine except when he is playing with one of them, that becomes the one that I want to play with too. He is nice about it. He just givers it to me and finds something else but then I want that too.

He has learned how to fall asleep too! I was going to ask him how to do that but he just looks at me when I talk to him. It seems like nobody understands a damn thing I say.

The other day I was playing with him and the coffee table attacked me! It hit me in the back of the head. Then the floor hit me and I was really UPSET.

Mommy came put and told me I had a big bruise on the back of my head and I cried and she snuggled me and fed me and I was sort of better but I was still mad! I hates the coffee table and the floor! I fed some more and some more and some more and then mommy had to go and I went to play with my toys with a sore head... Ow.

Current Mood: I think I have a wet diaper
Saturday, December 11th, 2004
2:27 pm
Today, mom and daddy took my diaper off and wiped all the brown stuff off as usual but it got everywhere on the floor and all over the daddy. I thought it was funny but he didn't look happy. I tried to put some in my mouth but mommy stopped me. I wants to see what it tastes like but I never get the chance which only makes me want it more.

Why can't I be standing up and playing when they do this? Why do they insist on putting me flat on my back. I hates that!

Have I mentioned the boob? How I love the boob. I could stare at it for hours. I like to pinch it and sometimes I puts it in my mouth and then I stare at it some more. Mom seems to lose patience with this. She wants me to eat and be done with it but I like to play with it and then I gets angry when she puts it away! It is mine after all!

Recently, I have wanted the boob all the time. I want it all night and all day and I don't like other food much.

A few days ago I started feeling hot and cold at the same time and I got sort of grumpy and mommy stuck a stick up my butt and this made me even more mad! And then mommy gave me some red sticky sweet stuff and made me go to bed early. I felt queasy and weird and I was not at all happy! I felt this way for a few days and then I got spots all over my chest and face and we went to the doctors and they looked me over.

Turns out I had http://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/skin/roseola.html
I started feeling better and I like eating more but mostly I like the boob.

Then, mommy and daddy started playing music for me when it is time to go nap. They told me it would help me to sleep. It sounds like something familiar that I remember from somewhere but I don't know where. There is this big thumping in the background and I start to feel really relaxed and then I start to get sort of tired.

They started playing it now. I know I have heard that before! Where? it sounds so familiar and it makes me feel nice... It makes me feel like rolling up into a ball and going to sleep. I think I will try to do that except I still don't know how. That is where the boob comes in. I am getting tired... I better go (yawn)....
Friday, December 3rd, 2004
1:07 am
Ah, Stuff.
Hello all. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for the next installment of my life for so long. Fear not; I have continued to be cute and squeezable. I make lots of cute noises still. daddy made a recording of my cooings the other day. I had lots of fun and giggled about it.

I've been exploring the idea of walking recently. Mostly I've been capable of elevating myself to couch level and tottering. Sometimes I can do a bit better, but mostly I prefer to stay closer to the ground.

The ghost still tastes good. She doesn't seem to like it as much these days when I grab her tail and hold on tight. I was doing that this evening while she sat on the couch. I wasn't paying attention and she ran away. Since I had her tail firmly in my hand, I ended up being dragged off of my feet and landing on my diaper when she attempted her escape.

I took mommy and daddy to Doe bay for Thanksgiving weekend. Before that, we had a big meal at Grandma's house. I saw uncle qaein and uncle Aaron there.

It was Grandpa Jack's and great-grandma Peggy's birthday yesterday.

I need to go to sleep, so I will say good night now!
Thursday, October 21st, 2004
2:49 pm
We don't spend any time at the place we use to spend time. Now we are alway at another place. This new place has lots of windows and boxes for me to play with. The kitties are here too. It took me a few days to figure it out but now I am pretty sure we are not going back to the other place with soft floors.

I like it here because of all the boxes and all the new toys that are here. I like the windows all fogged up and there is a kitty outside I can see through the window. I also see some other thing that is like a kitty except gray with a bigger tail. Mommy ( hannahadams) calls it a "Squirrel". I like squirrels. But I don't like the floor! I hates the floor! The floor attacted me yesterday. I was minding my own business in the high chair eating some food and the nanny unstrapped me and the floor came up and hit me on the head and the knees. The nanny screamed and mommy came running up and held me because I was quite unhappy and my head hurt but I was alright after a little while. I have a sore spot on my forehead though. The floor here is hard and slippery and I can't learn to walk around as easily. Mommy said we can get rid of the floor if it attacks me again and just all float around. I would like that. Too bad I can't say anything but "no" and lemon" or I would tell her to get rid of the floor.

Meanwhile, all mommy does is play with the boxes... She takes stuff out of the boxes and puts them on shelves all day long. She hardly ever stops to play with me except perhaps when I yell and kick and then she stops and kisses me and hugs me even when I don't want her to. The nanny is making me happy. I like her a lot. I think I might like her as much as mommy and daddy. She takes me for walks around the new place. Outside there are other places and we heard people yell and scream today. They sounded like maybe the floor attacted them too.

I like to stand.
I somtimes stand for a few minutes and I bend my knees and bounce up and down in one place until I fall over. Mommy seems to like this and I do it more. The other day I found out that if I put one foot in from of the other and then the other foot un front of that one, i can actually get somewhere. I found a new way to get somewhere! I can do this with one of the new toys I have but I haven't figured out how to do this while I am standing on my own yet.

I haven't seen enough of daddy (cjcollier) recently! Mommy and I miss him. He rocks me to bed most nights and he helps mommy take care of me when I am hungry at night but I don't get to play with him as much as I want to. I hope he takes me for a walk soon! I saw mommy kiss daddy likes she kisses me all over the face. He looked like he likes it better than I do.

I have to go. I am getting tired and I have some fussying a crying to do.


Current Mood: grumpy and tired
Thursday, September 30th, 2004
10:32 am
Nobody listens to me
I told mommy and daddy to let the goats out the other day and they just ignored me! Apparently they thought I didn't really say it. All this time they are trying to get me to talk and then I fianlly do and they don't even believe it. I got real mad and I have been grumpy ever since. Just for that, I am not going to say anything else for a long long time!

We went to this house the other day and I played in this tall green stuff. There were little things in it that have legs and move. When mommy wasn't looking, I put one in my mouth but it ran away. Mommy and daddy talked to a tall man and they wrote stuff down on big pieces of paper that looked important. Then mommy told me that we were gonig to move my toys and crib and the bed and the T.V. and everything into this new house and spend all of our time there instead of where we are now.

This made me decide suddenly that I do not like it when mommy or the nanny put cloths on me and I have decided to scream at the top of my lungs and cry every time they try. I also have decided suddenly that I don't like it when mommy picks me up and prevents me from going somewhere (like to pull on wires that come out of the wall). I don't like it when mommy takes her cell phone away from me because I called Uncle Aaron and then ate the phone. So, I scream. And she looks worried when we are outside with other people...so I do it more.

I do like to play with my new toys though. One of them makes a lot of noise and I like to stand up and hit it with my feet.My friend Emily (who spends time with me and the nanny) likes to play with me and I like to pull on her hair. I like to make a lot of noise these days. It is fun to make noise and I like to say da da da da da da over and over and over. Sometimes I say ma ammamama too. And I have decided that I really like to drool all over everything too... I can't imagine that I will ever stop doing that.

Current Mood: getting tired
Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
9:22 am
hi everyone
Mommy (hannahadams)took me to the Doctor the other day. I was worried because last time we went the nasty evil nurse poked me in the leg twice and it hurt like hell. If I could talk, I definitely would have said some angry things but instead I just screamed and mommy looked like she might cry too... but this time, I heard mommy say she decided that I didn't need to be poked in the leg anymore. I was glad because I could tell they were planning on doing it and I was getting nervous. I wondered why mommy thought I needed to be poked in the leg in the first place. She told me she wondered why too.

Meanwhile, I am getting use to the nanny. She is slower at putting cloths on than mommy and she tends to take a long time getting ready to take me for a walk but all and all she is good people. I like to cry a lot though just to make sure she is pay attention. Mommy disappears into the other room with the lightbox and I make a lot of noise to make her come back out.

I am even better than ever at going places. I can get places pretty fast and sometime I almost escape all togehter. I can stand too... and I can almost walk but not quite yet. I give it another few weeks at the most...

Last week (or was it the week before), my mouth started hurting like crazy again and I started screaming all the time. I feel a little better if I am attached to mommy's breast or if I am chewing on something cold but I wake up a lot when I would rahter be sleeping and this was making me cross which made me scream even more. Mommy and daddy (cjcollier) didn't appear to have much in mind to fix this and I was getting pretty fed up with the whole situation.

Around the time this started happening I felt a little strange for a few days. I was grumpy and hot and cold all at the same time and mommy stuck a stick up my butt and made me stay still until it made a noise. She had this concerned look on her face but then a few days later, I felt better and my teeth still hurt but i didn't feel hot and cold anymore.

That night, mommy woke up and started spitting up like I do except a lot more! She did this all night long and daddy had to hold me while she spit up into a big bowl. She looked sort of greenish and she was sort of floppy and didn't have a lot of energy to play. This made me cross and i cried all night long while daddy tried to play with me instead...but he was sort of floppy too... and pale and he looked like maybe he wanted us to go under the covers and go to sleep but my teeth hurt so I didn't want to go to sleep (plus I still don't really know how)...so I made him stay up all night with me until he had to go the next morning.

Mommy stayed like this for three whole days! Daddy was no help! He just tried to play with me but he wasn't really trying very hard! She was all sorts of strange colors and she stayed in bed and didn't play much with me or come out when I made noise. I got angry but is didn't matter. After a while, she started to come out more and more and soon she was playing with me like before.

Then, the nanny started to look green too... and she was gone for a few days and I hung out with mommy instead. I figured she was trying to make up for all the time she spent not playing with me.

I wonder if daddy is going to turn green. He hasn't yet and mommy keeps feeding him stuff that she says is gonig to make it so he doesn't turn green but we'll see.

Current Mood: cross!
Friday, September 3rd, 2004
10:23 am
I finally got somewhere! it is not as hard as it looked. Now I can get from wherever I am placed to anywhere in the apartment in a few short seconds. This seems to worry mommy sometimes. I like to show off when she is not looking I go as far as I can..Sometimes I go into the bedroom and play with these cords coming out of the wall. I put them in my mouth and I look at the thing in the wall that has these interesting holes. Mommy doesn't like that.

I started to get somewhere about 2 weeks ago but mommy (hannahadams) was too lazy to update my journal for me. All she does it sit in front of this big lightbox in the office where the cats have their box that they pooh in. I don't understnad why I can't have one of those. Why do I have to wear this ridiculous white thing? They are ugly and I hate hate being changed.

Meanwhile, I have a new nanny. She gets nervous when I cry so I cry more. She tried really hard to comfort me but the only thing that really makes me happy is when mommy leave the dark smelly room with the lightbox and comes out to play with me or feed me. She comes out and offers me food but I usually lose interest after a few minutes because really I just want her to be there. So, she sticks around and sometimes she tried to sneak away. Sometimes I notice and I don't mind so much because I caught one of the kitties and I am putting it in my mouth (they don't taste very good)...or I found something else colorful to eat off of the carpet or something.

But usually a few minutres later, I am cry so that mommy will come out of the office and play. The nanny tries to take me for a walk around this time without mommy. I like to struggle when she tries to put clothing on me or a new diaper (hate those things). I can tell this makes her nervous and she starts to make mistakes like putting my cloths on backwards or the diaper insideout. ha! Mommy doesn't get nervous when I cry. She just gets concerned.

The other day, she took me to the book store down the street for some sort of an event . Some lady sat in front of us babies and turned the pages of a book and spoke and showed us pictures. There were lots of books to put in my mouth but mommy wouldn't let me. She lets me put the books at home in my mouth? I showed off my ability to get somewhere. Some of the other babies could too. I thought I was the only one. We all crawled over the floor and I crawled up the leg of a stranger. Then I cried because I was feeling tired and I still can't figure out how to fall asleep.

I went home with mommy and somewhere on the way home, I mysteriously fell asleep. When I woke up, I was on the big mattress with mommy and we played for a few hours and I practiced saying ma ma ma ma mma ma ma ma ma ma over and over because it is fun. Then, my biggest and best toy (daddy) came home. He came in and picked me up and bite me in the belly and rolled around on the floor with me and talked to me in a funny voice. I tried to pull his hair (like I pull mommy's) but it is too short and all I can do it put his head in my mouth....Then he took me for a walk with mommy and we said hi to a lot of nice people and sat in the place at a table so they could eat...They gave me some sweet brown stuff that made me happy. Daddy made me mad because later he wanted me to go to sleep but I wasn't tired and I wanted to stay up to see what was happening. But, I ended up falling asleep anyway against my better judgement... angry at him. But I got him back by waking him and mommy up over and over all night long.

Mommy is looking a little pale this morning.
Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
10:29 am
It would appear I have grown my very own tooth...right in the front upper part of my gums. I know because everytime hannahadams feeds me I hear her yell out when I clamp down. it is fun to watch mommy jump and yell so I keep doing it.

Last night i decided it would be fun to wake up and want to play with hannahadams around 3am. I kept grabbing her face with my hands but she didn't appear to be all that inspired to play with me like she usually is. I tried to roll off the bed too because I thought that would be fun but she wouldn't let me. So I wailed and cjcollier heard me and came out to see what was gonig on.

He looked sort of pale. Then I decided I was tired again but I forgot how to to back to sleep and this upset me so I cried some more and mommy just sat there for a while before it occurred to her to feed me... So, she fed me and I clamped down and she jumped and it was a lot of fun until the sun came up and I decided to go to sleep.

Then the kitties came out and I woke up again and daddy took me for a walk while mommy fell asleep (how does she do that?)...
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